09 Jul

Podofix®is an innovative method of correcting all forms of ingrown and inrolled nails. This form of nail correction is suitable for nearly everyone – also small children and diabetics. Therapists and their patients are convinced by the medical and cosmetic results. It is a gentle alternative for correcting malformed nails. 

It helps deformed nails to grow naturally and healthily. Through this simple method one can avoid surgery and discomfort is relieved quickly and painlessly. Its effect is long lasting. It is individually fitted to the form of the nail and usually brings instant relief to the patient. The adhesion and activation of the brace only takes a few minutes and can hardly be felt. There are seldom restrictions on everyday life, sport or in water. The adhesive brace can be used for nearly all forms of deformed and painfully ingrown or enrolled nails. 

The podofix brace® is especially suitable for hyper granulation treatment and corns in the nail fold. The podofix brace®is also ideal for cosmetic correction of malformed nails. The podofix brace® can be used to prepare nails before a treatment with the COMBIped®wire adhesive brace, if the nail fold is too tight for holding the little wire hooks. Also, combined with a wire brace treatment, the podofix® active adhesive brace is a simple and efficient way to support the correct growth of the nail and to prevent a new ingrown nail. 

Who can use the podofix brace®active adhesive brace? Medical therapists, podiatrists or specially trained cosmeticians may only use the active adhesive brace.