Feet Up Fridays 👣

Take advantage of Reflexology therapy sessions on Fridays, to finish off your week and put your feet up 👣 

Clinical Foot Reflexology is the perfect maintenance therapy, helping to keep your mind and body balanced & in harmony. This stimulates an emotional ~ body ~ energy connection. Reflexology is a holistic, complementary therapy which works alongside medicine for helping to keep the mind and body balanced and in harmony, while helping to minimise disease and promote over all well-being. Treatment differs from individual to individual. If a sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when an area is stimulated, this usually indicates a body weakness or imbalance within the corresponding meridian zone/ body organ. With repeated gentle pressure foot pressure and manipulation of nerve endings, the Reflexology therapist can help to clear any channel of blocked energy and rebalance energy meridians.

Treatment on the day includes:

Soft Music ~ Essential oils ~ Dimmed lights ~ Warm towels 

1 hour treatments - Initial treatment and assessment $75

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