Are you experiencing sore, tired feet? Are you emotionally fatigued??

Reflexology is a therapy that dates back thousands of years. It can actually be traced back to the ancient civilisations of Egypt, India, Native America and China. The oldest known documentation of Reflexology is a pictograph that was found in the tomb of an Egyptian physician named Ankmahor at Saqqara dating back to 2330 BC, which depicts patients having treatments done on their hands and feet

At Feet Relief - Reflexology is the perfect maintenance therapy, helping to keep your mind and body balanced and in harmony. This stimulates an emotional ~ body ~ energy connection. Treatment differs from individual to individual. If a sensitivity or tenderness is experienced when an area is stimulated, this usually indicates a body weakness or imbalance within the corresponding meridian zone/ body organ. With repeated gentle pressure and manipulation of nerve endings, Reflexology can help to clear any channel of blocked energy and rebalance energy meridians. Please see this useful Interactive Foot Map 

A majority of people who include Reflexology in their wellness routine may find relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions, both physical and mental, including these potential benefits:

Gentle pressure applied and worked on acupressure meridian points on both feet
Breaks up calcium deposits and uric crystals
Stimulates the body's healing mechanisms by rebalancing energy fields
Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system and its impulses and actions within the body systems
Boost the immune system by working lymphatic system and aiding blood nutrient circulation
Oedema and limb swelling reduction - good results for the when all other treatments have been exhausted
Increase blood flow and enhance circulation - great for wound healing boost - pre/post surgery
Promote wound/muscle healing
Reduce stress and lower cortisol hormones levels - by working the endocrine system
Reduce anxieties and depression by creating total relaxation of the mind by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system
Improves back pain by reducing muscle tension
Aids digestion when the body enters "Alpha wave Meditation" promoting elimination of systemic toxins
Reduce allergic reactions
Helps reduce headaches/migraines
Aid sleeps - noticeable after first treatment
Helps with arthritic pain
Reduce menopause symptoms
Opting for hourly treatments and advising treatments are continued over a longer period of time - promotes over all well being and disease prevention

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